We’re your authorized dealer of Ridgemar Grain Leg Systems’ equipment!

Contact us if you’re in the market, or would like to learn more about equipment such as Bucket Elevators, Drags, Distributors, and Structures!


Bucket Elevators
Our product is all galvanized and engineered to spec. 
All gearboxes and bearing are Dodge & Browning.
Support Towers
Custom products built to your specs. Hot dip galvanized, powder coated or painted industrial enamel finishes. Slot & tab system for easy assembly and exceptional connection strength.
Catwalks & Drags
Your choice of punched floor or expanded metal, all engineered. The drags are all AR plated.
We have Distributors, Valves (2-way and 3-way), 45 degree Elbows, Ladders and Cages, Reducers, Gates (electric and manual), Troughing (all sizes), Cushion Boxes and more.